Migrating from Mango Blog to WordPress

I finally decided to move from Mango Blog to WordPress purely down to hosting and its costs.

I was on the hunt for something that would take all my posts, categories and comments and import them into the WordPress. I finally came a cross a blog entry by Marcos Placona where he wrote a script in CFML to import from Mango Blog to WordPress.

The scrip can be downloaded from here Mango2WordPress.

The script is pretty straight forward add the two data source names (Mango Blog and WordPress) and then run the scrip on the ColdFusion/Railo server.

I came across two issues

  1. No variable for set up for the table prefix in the Mango Blog database
  2. Everything but the post contents got migrated. Since I did not have many blog posts it was easy for me to copy and paste them over.

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