Transferring Contacts from Blackberry Torch 9800 Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505

There are many different methods described on various online forums/blogs from downloading a CSV file from the Blackberry to sync’ing your contacts to your Google Mail account. All of these seemed long winded to me,I wanted something that would transfer directly between the two devices without using anything else as a go between.

The simplest way I found was to bluetooth the contacts over, don’t be alarmed you not have to do this one at a time for every entry you have in your contacts.

  1. Pair both devices to each other.
  2. On the blackberry goto Bluetooth Connections
  3. Click on the name of your Samsung Galaxy S4
  4. Select Transfer Contacts
  5. On the Samsung Galaxy S4 accept the contacts

This will transfer all of your phone book in one go within minutes if not seconds depending on how many entries you have.

Enjoy :)